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Que Bola?

From Miami to and for the World, Fresh Or Phresh was born by the initiative of a life-long local compelled to communicate the beauty, the struggle, the humor, and especially the advantages of growing up in the vibrant 305.

With this in mind we launched the Que Bola Podcast. Spotlighting the awesome talent we have in South Florida through simple but genuine conversations. Celebrating our own is a privilege.  



Oct 11, 2018

In this talk I chopped it up with the talented creators and champions of the The Flex Talent Competition. Founder Kalil Bohannon, Manager Pierre Smith, PR Raquel Ramirez, Season 1 Champ Zorenzo, & Season 2 Champ Teddy.
We got into how the The Flex started and how it's grown into the premier talent competition in South Florida. Alongside what they expect when an artist performs or attends the the show.
With prizes such as professional studio sessions, music videos, distribution deals and nationwide show bookings, The Flex has put together an awesome experience for both talent and onlookers.




The Flextable is coming!
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