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Que Bola?

From Miami to and for the World, Fresh Or Phresh was born by the initiative of a life-long local compelled to communicate the beauty, the struggle, the humor, and especially the advantages of growing up in the vibrant 305.

With this in mind we launched the Que Bola Podcast. Spotlighting the awesome talent we have in South Florida through simple but genuine conversations. Celebrating our own is a privilege.  



Nov 27, 2018

These hustlers are putting on for Miami through their current events podcast called Pero Let Me Tell You! We dive into how they started with the idea on a drive back from NY; How DJ's midwest college experience opened his eyes to Hispanics being pigeonholed. "They want to put us in a box, but they can't" We spoke about Afro Latinos (HOLLA) We touched on topics such as; them getting hate mail; white Hispanics being able to pass for white Caucasians until they say their last names, and brands sucking at reaching Hispanic Americans